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About Us

The Stamp & Coin Place has been serving the public for over 40 years in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, where we work to find quality and authenticity in every item we buy and sell. 

Our company started as retail stores with our Mount Vernon location still open. We are now found mainly online with our products available around the world. Explore our coin, currency and stamp sections to find products by region, or select bullion by type on our bullion page.

Our founder Tim Rathjen has taken The Stamp and Coin Place and catapulted it into several directions. From coin sales to Lookzee, an app that uses machine learning to identify coins, to Numan a machine that sorts coins by date,​ ​mintmark,​ ​color​, and value. We have brought tech to coins.

Tim explains his journey as "I’m an entrepreneur who has a vision. I was scratching my own itch when I decided to build a machine to sort coins by date, mint mark, color and value. The vision has kept growing as we pursued making this a reality. Not only has Numan (the machine) which uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning turned out to be everything I was thinking but it has proven to be much, much more. We now have an app (Lookzee) as well, that is adding an additional layer of technology to the numismatic industry like never before. The journey continues..."

Meet Tim and Numan:

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